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The program Head Start Bureau increased its share to anxiety symptoms related to menopause order discount luvox line 67 percent for would work collaboratively with Early Head Start and the period from 2002 to anxiety symptoms dizziness order luvox 50mg free shipping 2007 anxiety symptoms uk purchase luvox 50mg, with the Foundation Migrant and Seasonal Head Start to anxiety low blood pressure purchase luvox online from canada provide the in-depth funding the remainder. Then a Foundation vice the Foundation selected an experienced manager, the president, Steve passionately believed in the importance California Institute on Human Services at Sonoma State of early intervention. Because Early Head Start was a University, whose mission was to act as a change agent new program, Steve recognized an opportunity to help in education and human services by combining best shape its contours and culture. If successful, such a practices from the field with the real world experiences pursuit would both maximize the children’s potential of young children with special needs. The Institute was growth and likely reduce the financial burden of caring recognized for its expertise in providing training and for these children later in life. Nationally recognized expert by knowledge of their rights and of resources for their Linda Brekken, Ph. The concept of members instilled with hope and armed with knowledge training teams of parents, caregivers, Early Head Start can themselves become potent community resources for administrators and staff, and community childcare those in greatest need. The ultimate the feeling of empowerment can express itself in beneficiaries would be young children with disabilities little ways, at least at first, and in much larger ways and their families living in poverty, an entirely later. One mother reported this outcome because of a appropriate outcome for the philanthropic intent of new ability to persuade school authorities to focus on Conrad Hilton. For instance, they of Early Head Start parents, staff, and community incorporated a microphone because she only hears half partners. Over a four-year period, SpecialQuest aims of what she is supposed to hear and this adaptation was to increase the teams’ skills and comfort level in just to serve her. I like the idea that they are focusing on educating and caring for youngsters with disabilities the personal needs of the child. An important element of the Hilton/ By the time they complete their SpecialQuest Early Head Start Training Program is to teach teams training, team members have the makings of a potent to build relationships for coordinated services at the community force—in a miniature village that will raise community level, which is essential in marshalling the child. One childcare partner described how the services for children with multiple conditions, as well training expanded the reach of the program: as for pregnant mothers in at-risk settings. Families One parent, who came the past two years, went accustomed to the grinding powerlessness of poverty back and talked to other parents. That’s how we got become informed decision makers for their child and more children into our program. Families can be more than first teachers; they parents [of children with disabilities] have started their can also be voices within the community, voices backed own support group, and it’s all because of SpecialQuest. Building capacity for serving young children decided to go back to school so I can work in some area with disabilities is doubly difficult. Through the hard work of effective infrastructure, and a nationally recognized participants and effective leveraging of resources over a training model. By the end of 2007, fully 80 percent sustained period, these worthy programs are now able of the eligible Early Head Start programs throughout to recruit and serve infants and toddlers with disabilities the country were trained by the Hilton/Early Head and their families in hundreds of American communities. Start Training Program to improve program capacity the tens of thousands of previously underserved appropriately to serve infants and toddlers with participants who will benefit from these programs will disabilities and their families. Media depictions showed homeless men slumped in doorways and homeless women and children camped in empty lots. They recalled Conrad Hilton’s Will, which stated that “our fellow men deserve to be loved and encouraged—never to be abandoned to wander alone in poverty and darkness. Board and staff member Steve Hilton was troubled that a Nation as blessed with resources, as is the United States, should tolerate “people wandering in the streets. The answer was yes, and Steve returned to his was founded in 1991 as an intermediary organization Board with a deal. As such, the Board with a statement that became the Foundation’s it brokers partnerships among developers, service strategy and goal: providers, and private funding sources. If we can locate the mentally ill homeless, give Permanent supportive housing was an exciting new them housing, treatment, and access to programs, concept, the Ford official said. Chronically homeless there is an excellent chance that many of them can people were housed and provided with supportive services, be integrated into society and—contrary to popular such as health and medical care, physical and emotional thought—eventually become self-supporting individuals therapy, life skills, and job training—the tools they needed to the benefit of society as a whole. What the Hilton Foundation Board then launched Although the reality is that some individuals may never has become one of its largest, most dynamic, and most hold a full-time job due to the severity of their disability, significant social-change, humanitarian programs. The they will at least be provided with shelter, supportive Foundation’s pioneering effort focuses on chronically services, and, if needed, medication. From 1999 to 2006, from costly band-aid services toward long-term solutions, Jeff Schaffer managed the Foundation’s homelessness page 100 | conrad n. He had lived on the streets of Los Angeles for eight years, struggling with crack cocaine and alcohol, suffering memory loss from a car accident, and experiencing delusions. In 2004, Thomas entered a refuge for chronically homeless individuals with mental illness, where he received assistance in claiming Supplemental Security Income, began seeing a psychiatrist, and worked with a case manager who helped grantmaking, building upon his prior experience in him negotiate the system. Today, Thomas lives in his own developing homeless services and affordable housing in apartment, cooks his own meals, and is clean and sober, Los Angeles and in providing training nationwide. The Hilton Foundation took on the Los Angeles challenge because the number of homeless people with mental illness and disabilities was Chronology of a Partnership so large and concentrated in this region long dubbed America’s homeless capital. Board members wanted to A Hilton Foundation grant of $4 million in 1992 enabled the respond to what they saw nearly every day on the streets. Evidence showed that supportive housing was and to coordinate area funding for supportive housing, working in that city, which was experiencing rising retention which requires working with federal, state, and county rates in housing and declining numbers of individuals living sources and up to 50 of the 88 cities in Los Angeles on the streets. This pioneering work helped to and financial institutions in order to spark interest, the change housing policies for chronic homelessness around Loan Fund has grown thirty-fold. Sensing an In Hennepin County, Minnesota, a 22-year-old homeless, increasing momentum and reasoning that more could single mother of a three-year-old son and six-monthbe accomplished together rather than separately, the old daughter sought—and found—help. Through the Hilton Foundation spearheaded the creation of the Strengthening At-Risk and Homeless young Mothers and Partnership to End Long-Term Homelessness by Children Initiative, they frst received a housing voucher recruiting experienced leaders from the philanthropic for a two-bedroom apartment. Partners pledged $40 million and the boy’s school of his coordination and balance problems, set a goal of generating an additional $60 million in a family worker encouraged the young mother to see a private support toward efforts that placed supportive physician and ultimately accompanied her to a neurologist housing at the core of the strategy. Arrangements were made for occupational groups that are raising public awareness and working to and physical therapy. The family worker now will help the create 150,000 supportive housing units by 2015. Having mately 40 percent of the overall homeless population, addressed multiple needs, the family is on its way to a more there is a paucity of services that really bridge the divide promising future. To close that gap, in 2006 the Foundation undertook a five-year national initiative combining two of its existing programmatic interests: homelessness and early childhood development. Strengthening At-Risk and Homeless Young Mothers and Children is providing direct services to homeless children and mothers, as well as support and training for local agencies that serve them at four page 102 | conrad n. Pilot program strategies and activities partners are changing the goal from merely managing proven to be effective will be shared nationally as a homelessness to ending it. Los Angeles County will be guide on how to improve and integrate services for the focus of the Foundation’s homelessness funding in homeless mothers and children. One day at Officer Casey Rogers, who oversaw development of the a time, one life at a time, such efforts continue to draw initiative, observes: “For the Homeless Mothers and inspiration from the directive in Conrad Hilton’s Will “to Children Initiative, the Hilton Foundation was able to relieve the suffering, the distressed and the destitute. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita trigger responded at an unprecedented level to the devastation floodwaters on the Gulf Coast. An immense tsunami brought on by a series of disasters of colossal magnitude devastates Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Shortly after the to the devastation, the Foundation sought out Orders of event, Germany-based Luftfahrt Ohne Grenzen (Aviation Sisters with a presence in Mexico, ultimately awarding Without Borders) secured and airlifted emergency funds to the Maryknoll Sisters. The Board quickly In 1986, the Board formally set out to investigate agreed to support the transportation of this cargo. As it shaped its strategy to reduce postKinderdorf International), the Hilton Humanitarian Prize disaster suffering, the Board examined the merits of both recipient in 2002, had for a long time been active in the immediate relief and long-term recovery. The Foundation’s built refugee camps, medical centers, and sanitary page 104 | conrad n. The Foundation the coming Himalayan winter posed grave threats to supported these efforts. A grant to Luftfahrt Ohne Grenzen supported grants supported the Salvation Army and the American transport of critically needed supplies. They leave in their wake death, Foundation funds also support the Greater New Orleans destruction, and grief. Foundation and the Foundation for the Mid-South While the current strategy emphasizes long-term in rebuilding nonprofit organizations in the region to recovery, the Board also considers short-term efforts enable them ultimately to respond to future community when a critical need arises. As the recovery efforts in New Orleans continue, to keep abreast of humanitarian issues and become the Board has subsequently awarded additional funds acquainted with the capacities and representatives of key to several entities for affordable housing, community humanitarian organizations.

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Holder is an individual anxiety 7 year old order luvox toronto, any such interest will be treated as non-deductible “personal interest anxiety jacket for dogs cheap 100mg luvox with mastercard. Preferential tax rates for long-term capital gain (currently anxiety symptoms in 12 year old boy discount luvox 50mg with visa, a maximum rate of 20%) will apply to anxiety 5 steps luvox 100 mg overnight delivery individual U. The gain recognized by the purging election will be subject to the special tax and interest charge rules treating the gain as an excess distribution, as described above. A “mark-to-market” election will be unavailable with respect to our Warrants and Pre-funded Warrants. Holder would also be permitted an ordinary loss in respect of the excess, if any, of the U. Amounts treated as ordinary income will not be eligible for the favorable tax rates applicable to qualified dividend income or long-term capital gains. Generally, stock will be considered marketable stock if it is “regularly traded” on a “qualified exchange” within the meaning of applicable Treasury Regulations. A class of stock is regularly traded on an exchange during any calendar year during which such class of stock is traded, other than in de minimis quantities, on at least 15 days during each calendar quarter. Holder is present in the United States for 183 days or more in the taxable year of the disposition and other specified conditions are met. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations, reporting transfers of cash or other property to us and information relating to the U. See also the discussion regarding Form 8621, Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund, above. Holders who fail to report required information could become subject to substantial penalties. Holders should consult their tax advisors regarding the possible implications of these reporting requirements arising from their investment in our securities. Furthermore, backup withholding (currently at 24%) may apply to such amounts if the U. Holder fails to (i) provide a correct taxpayer identification number, (ii) report interest and dividends required to be shown on its U. Amounts withheld as backup withholding from a payment may be credited against a U. For individuals, the additional Medicare tax applies to the lesser of (i) “net investment income” or (ii) the excess of “modified adjusted gross income” over $200,000 ($250,000 if married and filing jointly or $125,000 if married and filing separately). Investment income generally includes passive income such as interest, dividends, annuities, royalties, rents, and capital gains. Holders are urged to consult their own tax advisors regarding the implications of the additional Medicare tax resulting from their ownership and disposition of our securities. The terms of this offering were subject to market conditions and negotiations between us, the placement agent and prospective investors. The engagement agreement does not give rise to any commitment by the placement agent to purchase any of our securities, and the placement agent will have no authority to bind us by virtue of the engagement agreement. The placement agent may engage sub-agents or selected dealers to assist with the offering. Only certain institutional investors purchasing the securities offered hereby will execute a securities purchase agreement with us, providing such investors with certain representations, warranties and covenants from us, which representations, warranties and covenants will not be available to other investors who will not execute a securities purchase agreement in connection with the purchase of the securities offered pursuant to this prospectus. Therefore, those investors shall rely solely on this prospectus in connection with the purchase of securities in the offering. The placement agent is not purchasing or selling any of the securities offered by us under this prospectus, nor is it required to arrange the purchase or sale of any specific number or dollar amount of securities. The placement agent has agreed to use reasonable best efforts to arrange for the sale of the securities. There is no required minimum number of securities that must be sold as a condition to completion of this offering. Further, the placement agent does not guarantee that it will be able to raise new capital in any prospective offering. The securities purchase agreement to be entered into with certain investors provides that the obligations of the investors of the securities are subject to certain conditions precedent, including, among other things, the absence of any material adverse change in our business and receipt of customary legal opinions, letters and certificates. We will deliver the securities being issued to the investors upon receipt of investor funds for the purchase of the securities offered pursuant to this prospectus. We expect to deliver the securities being offered pursuant to this prospectus on or about, 2020. The placement agent may be deemed to be an underwriter within the meaning of Section 2(a)(11) of the Securities Act, and any commissions received by the placement agent and any profit realized on the resale of the securities sold by the placement agent while acting as principal might be deemed to be underwriting discounts or commissions under the Securities Act. As an underwriter, the placement agent would be required to comply with the requirements of the Securities Act and the Exchange Act, including, without limitation, Rule 415(a)(4) under the Securities Act and Rule 10b-5 and Regulation M under the Exchange Act. These rules and regulations may limit the timing of purchases and sales of securities by the placement agent acting as principal. Under these rules and regulations, the placement agent: may not engage in any stabilization activity in connection with our securities; and may not bid for or purchase any of our securities or attempt to induce any person to purchase any of our securities, other than as permitted under the Exchange Act, until it has completed its participation in the distribution. Commissions and Expenses We have agreed to pay the placement agent a total cash fee equal to 7. This fee will be distributed among the placement agent and any selected-dealers that it has retained to act on their behalf in connection with this offering. We will also pay the placement agent a management fee equal to 1% of the gross proceeds of this offering, a payment for non-accountable expenses of $50,000 and a reimbursement for the placement agent’s legal fees and expenses in the amount of up to $100,000 and $12,900 for closing fees. We estimate the total offering expenses of this offering that will be payable by us, excluding the placement agent fees and expenses, will be approximately $232,500. Placement Agent Warrants In addition, we have agreed to issue to the placement agent warrants to purchase up to ordinary shares (which represents 7. The placement agent warrants will have substantially the same terms as the warrants being sold to the investors in this offering. In addition, we have agreed in the securities purchase agreement not to issue, enter into any agreement to issue or announce the issuance or proposed issuance of any ordinary shares or their equivalents, subject to certain exceptions, for a period of 90 days after the closing of the offering. Indemnification We have agreed to indemnify the placement agent and specified other persons against certain liabilities relating to or arising out of the placement agent’s activities under the placement agency agreement and to contribute to payments that the placement agent may be required to make in respect of such liabilities. Determination of offering price the actual offering price of the securities we are offering will be negotiated between us and the placement agent based on the trading of our ordinary shares prior to the offering, among other things, and may be at a discount to the current market price. Other Relationships the placement agent and its respective affiliates have engaged in, and may in the future engage in, investment banking and other commercial dealings in the ordinary course of business with us or our affiliates. The placement agent acted as our placement agent in each of the January 2020, May 2019, April 2019, January 2019, March 2018 and January 2017 financings, and has acted as a placement agent for us in financings in September and October 2015 and December 2014, for which it received compensation. Selling Restrictions outside the United States this prospectus does not constitute an offer to sell to, or a solicitation of an offer to buy from, anyone in any country or jurisdiction (i) in which such an offer or solicitation is not authorized, (ii) in which any person making such offer or solicitation is not qualified to do so or (iii) in which any such offer or solicitation would otherwise be unlawful. No action has been taken that would, or is intended to, permit a public offer of the securities or possession or distribution of this prospectus or any other offering or publicity material relating to the securities in any country or jurisdiction (other than the United States) where any such action for that purpose is required. Accordingly, the placement agent has undertaken that it will not, directly or indirectly, offer or sell any Ordinary Shares or have in its possession, distribute or publish any prospectus, form of application, advertisement or other document or information in any country or jurisdiction except under circumstances that will, to the best of its knowledge and belief, result in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations and all offers and sales of securities by it will be made on the same terms. Israel this document does not constitute a prospectus under the Israeli Securities Law, 5728-1968, and has not been filed with or approved by the Israel Securities Authority. In Israel, this prospectus may be distributed only to, and is directed only at, investors listed in the first addendum, or the Addendum, to the Israeli Securities Law, consisting primarily of joint investment in trust funds; provident funds; insurance companies; banks; portfolio managers, investment advisors, members of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. Qualified investors shall be required to submit written confirmation that they fall within the scope of the Addendum. This prospectus, which constitutes a part of the registration statement, summarizes material provisions of contracts and other documents that we refer to in the prospectus. Those other reports or other information may be inspected without charge at the locations described above. As a foreign private issuer, we are exempt from the rules under the Exchange Act related to the furnishing and content of proxy statements, and our officers, directors and principal shareholders are exempt from the reporting and short-swing profit recovery provisions contained in Section 16 of the Exchange Act. Service of process upon us, our Israeli subsidiaries, our directors and officers and the Israeli experts, if any, named in this prospectus, substantially all of whom reside outside the United States, may be difficult to obtain within the United States. Furthermore, because the majority of our assets and investments, and substantially all of our directors, officers and such Israeli experts, if any, are located outside the United States, any judgment obtained in the United States against us or any of them may be difficult to collect within the United States. We have been informed by our legal counsel in Israel that it may also be difficult to assert U. In addition, even if an Israeli court agrees to hear a claim, it may determine that Israeli law and not U. We have appointed Puglisi & Associates as our agent to receive service of process in any action against us in any United States federal or state court arising out of this offering or any purchase or sale of securities in connection with this offering. If a foreign judgment is enforced by an Israeli court, it generally will be payable in Israeli currency, which can then be converted into non-Israeli currency and transferred out of Israel.

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A 20-25% benzyl benzoate emulsion can be painted on a patient from the neck downwards anxiety symptoms without feeling anxious buy luvox overnight. After allowing some 5-10 minutes for this application to anxiety 1st trimester order luvox without prescription dry the patient can re-dress in clean clothes anxiety symptoms jittery cheap luvox on line. Only in rare cases does dermatitis result from the use of benzyl benzoate and this is more likely to anxiety after eating generic luvox 50 mg online happen in young children. Mitigal is a yellowish oily liquid sulphur preparation, which is painted undiluted over the body from the neck downward for one week. It is slow in its action and usually about three treatments 24 hours apart are recommended for a complete cure. It has been combined with soap and sold as temosol soap, and in this from, when regularly used in washing and bathing, it has a slow curative effect and also acts as a prophylactic. Although these two sulphur preparations and benzyl benzoate are still used, a better treatment for scabies consists of applying a 1% gama bezene haxachloride cream or lotion, 1% Malathion aqueous emulsion or 5% permethrin cream (Elimite). Permethrin actually should be used very carefully especially when applied to infants and small children. A second application 2-7 days later, if this proves possible, ensures a complete cure. Crotaimition (Eurax) applied as a 10% cream or lotion is a very safe treatment but weak scabiecide. More recently it has been shown that ivermectin given, as a single oral dose of 100-200 fig/kg body weight is effective in killing scabies mites. The density of house dust mite allergens can be assessed by a test, which measures the concentration of mite excreta in dust. Mites and associated fungi can be controlled by decreasing the humidity in rooms, improving ventilation and removing dust. The shaking of bedclothes and frequent washing of sheets and blankets reduce the availability of food and therefore the number of mites. General insecticides used for pest control are not effective but a special product containing benzyl benzoate is available, which destroys mites when applied to mattresses, and upholstery. Leishmaniasis Leishmaniasis is a term used to describe a number of closely related diseases caused by several distinct species, subspecies and strains of leishmania parasites. The epidemiology of leishmaniasis is complex, involving not only different parasite species but also strains of parasites. The epidemiology of this disease is largely determined by: o the species of sandflies, their ecology and behavior; o the availability of a wide range of hosts; 141 o the species and strains of leishmania parasites. It is caused by leishmania major, leishmania tropica and leishmania aethiopica in Ethiopia. It is characterized by typical ulcer that starts as a nodule at the site of bite, and then a crust develops in the middle followed by ulcer. Case treatment Simple cutaneous leishmaniasis usually heals without treatment and renders the person immune to other infections with the same parasite species. Personal protection Individuals can prevent infection by avoiding being bitten by sandflies. It is recommended that personal protection measures be taken, such as repellents, fine mesh screens, insecticide treated clothing and/ or insecticide-treated bednets are used. Application of basic sanitation this is aimed at abolishing the breeding sites around human habitation, such as proper disposal of refuse and rubbish heaps; filling of cracks and holes in the soils and walls. Control of Animal Reservoir In Ethiopia, control measures were carried out against the rock hyrax, a wild animal reservoir of leishmaniasis, where by reduction of the prevalence of leishmaniasis has occurred. Therefore, it is essential to become familiar with foods that heal, vegetable juices, and fats that heal, unrefined sea salts. Body cleansing Body cleansing is extremely important part of every prevention and curing programme. Psychophysical activities will help you balance your body and will help you relief accumulated stress. Atopic refers to a group of diseases where there is often an inherited tendency to develop other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay fever. This module is intended to be used by health extension workers and is believed to provide them with basic information that is not included in the core module. However, it is essential to undertake the management, prevention and control activities on common skin infections. Directions for using the module Prior to reading this satellite module please be sure that you have completed the pretest and studied the core module. All are bacterial skin diseases except A) Carbuncles B) Furuncles 145 C) Boil D) Eczema 4. In the community, those patient who develop bed sore as a result of chronic illness, can be well managed by health worker through a) Frequent changing position b) Providing bed bath and back care c) Not allow to eat that much vitamin and protein until the wound is healed d) All except C e) None of the 6. As being the health worker of the community, all activity has to be carried out respect to leprosy disease patient except: a) Teach the patient about disease b) Avoid any discrimination and stigmatization from the community c) Treat any skin reaction that occurred from disease process d) Teach the patient, on how to protect his/her wound form danger e) None of the above 146 8. Which of the following is the role of health worker who is dealing with a patients having wound secondary to accidentfi Scabies is a disease caused by an arthropod called scabies mite; therefore it is not acquired by close contact with an infected individual. General objective the general objective of this module is to equip health extension workers with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the management, prevention and control of common skin diseases. Specific objectives After complete reading of this module, health extension workers will be able to: Describe common skin infections Explain the management of common skin infections Mention important prevention and control measures Portray the significance of hygienic behavior in the mitigation of common skin disease. The skin and its parts the major components of the system are the following: Skin Hair Nails these components not only reflect person’s general health status, they also serve as indicators of more general disturbances. The Skin the skin is the boundary between ourselves (the internal organs) & what is around us) It reflects internal changes and reacts to changes in the environment It is composed of tissue that: Grows Differentiates & Renews itself the entire layer of the epidermis is replaced about every 15 to 30 days, depending on its location. Causes: Streptococcus Staphylococcus Although impetigo is seen at all ages, it is particularly common in children living in poor hygienic condition. Treatment: Systemic antibiotic therapy Antiseptic to clean the skin Wash hand frequently Avoid scratching Teach the patient Arrange follow up 7. Signs and symptoms Fever Heat at area Edema Pain and tenderness of affected area c). Treatment: o Promote skin care & don’t scratch o Encourage rest so that the infection remains localized o Give anti pain and analgesic o Send to health facility for parentral treatment 149 7. Frunclosis (Boil): Is an acute inflammation arising deep in one or more hair follicles and spreading in to surrounding dermis. It is the deeper form of folliculitis Furuncles may occur any where on the body but are more prevalent at areas where irritation and pressure, friction, perspiration such as the back of the neck, the axially buttock. Carbuncle Is an abscess of skin and subcutaneous tissue representing an extension of furuncle that has invaded several hair follicles and is larger and deeper. Treatment: Do not squeeze Warm and moist compresses increases visualization and hasten resolution. Leprosy (Hanson’s Disease) It is a chronic bacterial infectious disease caused by bacteria called mycobacterium leprae and which can affect skin, peripheral nerves and other organs like respiratory tract and eyes. Occurrence of the disease the disease will occur in all ages, both sexes and every socioeconomic groups of the society. Mode of transmission Is through inhalation of droplet nuclei from an infected person and skin-to-skin contact with leprromatos nodules. The cardinal sings of leprosy Hypopigmented macule or patch (reddish skin) with definite loss of sensation Positive skin test for Acid fast bacilli Enlargement of nerves or nerve damage Therefore, one can diagnose leprosy if one of the above is present 4. Multibacillary Patient with six or more skin lesion Patient with less than six skin lesion and have positive skin smear result 151 7. Leprosy reaction In leprosy, there is leprosy reaction manifested by inflammation of the skin caused by immunological reaction to the bacteria. How to examine leprosy patches and reaction Cheek the sensation by instructing the patient to cloth his eyes Examine the paten for sign of inflammation (swelling redness, heat and pain) Examine the hand and feet for sign of loss of sweat 9. Leishmaniasis It is protozoal infection of the skin and mucous membrane and visceral organs (liver and spleen) 1. Mode of transmission the infection will be caused by bite of insect called sand fly 2.

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Observation on the effcacy of three squares septic tank lavatory for disease prevention anxiety frequent urination buy generic luvox 50 mg. An observation of the effect on reducing the fy density and diarrhoea of the use of double urn funnel lavatory in faeces management anxiety management buy generic luvox 50mg on line. Effect of sanitation on soil-transmitted helminth infection: systematic review and meta-analysis anxiety keeping me up at night discount luvox generic. Disclaimer: this Data has been edited for the purposes of this learning exercise and might not reflect actual case numbers and precise locations anxiety symptoms scale discount luvox line. This tutorial will lead you through the steps in ArcMap to create a map of known non-human primate cases of Yaws and the human epidemic status of Yaws throughout Africa. Additionally, you will then create a map of non-human primate cases overlaid on top of primate habitat extents to see if you are able to make any observations. This tutorial will cover adding data to ArcMap, symbologizing categorical and quantitative data, select by attribute query tools, and composing a final map in layout view. Yaws Overview Yaws is a chronic, debilitating disease that affects mainly the skin, bone and cartilage. The disease is most prevalent in poor and overcrowded communities in warm, humid, tropical areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America and commonly affects children. Yaws is caused by the bacteria Treponema pertenue and is very closely related to the venereal disease, syphilis. The distinction is yaws is a non-venereal infection and overcrowding, poor personal hygiene, limited access to clean water, and poor sanitation facilitate the spread of this disease, which occurs through skin to skin contact. Yaws is also a zoonotic disease, meaning that it is able to pass between humans and animals – in this case non-human primates. Cases have popped up in humans in Africa, as well as in remote areas in other parts of the world with little health infrastructure. Understanding animal-infecting strains of these pathogens is of particular importance to the eradication effort. Otherwise, animals can serve as continuous reservoirs of infection, foiling attempts at eradication. Smallpox, the only human infectious disease eradicated to date, had no known animal reservoir. The two other diseases that are the subject of active eradication campaigns right now, polio and dracunculiasis. As we learn more about the presence of yaws in wild, nonhuman primates, there is more and more reason to doubt the feasibility of eradication. In one ethically questionable experiment described in the early 1970s, researchers demonstrated that a simian strain collected from a baboon in Guinea, Africa could indeed cause sustained infection in inoculated human volunteers. First, it is necessary to make sure that your Network Drives are mapped in Windows File Explorer. If you are working in the Data Lab, these drives will automatically be mapped But it is important to double check. If you are working from home or from the Grafton campus, you will need to map these drives. Starting ArcMap, opening ArcCatalog, and adding data layers To start ArcMap, search for ArcMap in the windows search bar. On the left side of the screen, you should see your Table of Contents area right now it should only say "Layers". These will automatically connect in the Data Lab, but not at home, on the Grafton Campus, or in the work force! If it does not already exist, make a folder connection to your H: drive and the M: Drive as well. You want the biggest layer on the bottom, so all the countries, and the points on top. Note: When using the zoom tool, you can click and drag a box around the area that you would like to zoom in to. Use the Zoom to Full Extent tool to go back to the full view which encompasses all the data. Select AfricaCountries Yaws EpidemicStatus from the “identify from” dropdown menu. The Identify tool brings up information from the “attribute table” for each feature (aka country) you click on. Here, we can see that Algeria has no previous history of Yaws, along with other info in the attribute table such as its Long Name and Area. Now, use the identify tool and click on one of the habitat polygons (aka features). Hint: Choose the Find tool, click on the features tab and in Find, type in Madagascar and click find. Right-click on the AfricaCountries Yaws layer in the Table of Contents (be sure you right-click on the actual name and not the symbol) and then click on Label Features – this will label the countries. However, let’s make the size 11 and font Calibri (Arial is an extremely overused font and I hate it). In the Placement tab, Select Try horizontal first, then straight and Remove Duplicate Labels. Then press the Conflict Detection tab, and select Label Weight: Medium, Feature Weight: Low. When you are done looking around, right click on AfricaCountries Yaws and zoom to layer to return to the extent of Africa. Double click on your H Drive (your folder for personal data storage) and create a new folder called Week 1. A map file is a very small file that contains pointers to your data sets (it does not actually save the datasets, they are right now still in the S drive Class folder) and remembers what you had displayed in your map session. But beware – map files do not actually contain data layers, they only have pointers to where the data is saved. A little red exclamation point would appear in the table of contents, informing you that it has lost the connection to the data. You will also learn how to color the data layers to start making a more interesting and readable map. Assigning Proper Layer Names First, you need to give the data layers better names than what they have now. You can set the name of the layers however you like, it does not actually change the underlying data in the S drive. Right click on the AfricaCountries Yaw Epidemic Status layer and choose Properties. Hint: You can also get to the Properties window by double-clicking on the layer name. When you see the Properties dialog box, click on the General tab and for layer name, type in African Countries. In the future, points will be deducted on assignments for having non-standard “data speak” names like "cntry08" appearing in your map. YawsCases NonHumanPrimates 2010 2013 Non-Human Primate Yaws Cases 2010 2013 b. Assigning Proper Colors Your map would be a lot better if you choose appropriate colors. To change the color of the layer, click on the colored box under Symbol this should bring up the Symbol Selector box. Choose a light grey for the countries and make the outline White and change the outline width to 1. Since these are only for background info, we want it to be not distracting so it falls into the background. The faster way to do this is to press the colored box under the layer in the table of contents. There are so many polygons because it’s showing all habitats for every type of non-human primate, all the way down to the genus name. There will still be many polygons, now we just won’t be able to see them and it will look much cleaner. Put it right above Non-Human Primates in the Table of Contents, but below the point layer.